Hold Onondaga County Accountable

How to File a Code Complaint in Onondaga County

Thank you for participating in Save Burnet Road’s Code Complaint Campaign.

 Beginning in 2021, Onondaga County began pressuring the residents of Burnet Road sell their properties to expand the vacant White Pines Commerce Park. Onondaga county is responsible for the upkeep of those properties, just like any other property owner. Despite that responsibility, Onondaga County has neglected these once-cherished homes, leading to violations of the codes they are meant to enforce. 

The instructions below listed properties the County has failed to properly maintain and code violations they have broken. You can copy and paste the information below into the form on the Town of Clay website.

Click on the button below to open the window in a new tab and see below for step-by-step instructions on how to submit a code violation complaint against the offending county-owned properties.

How to fill out the code complaint:

Step 1: The first question is a drop down form on the subject of your complaint. Select “Unsafe/Unsecured Structure” from the drop-down choices.

Step 2: In “Brief Description of the Complaint” copy and paste the following text into the box:

The county owned properties listed in this complaint do not adhere to the following provisions of the Town of Clay Administrative Code:

– §78-3(B) (grass/brush/weeds over 10 inches)

– §86-3(E) (dilapidated, decayed, unsafe, or unsanitary)

– §86-3(I) (unsafe, unsanitary or dangerous to health, morals, safety, or general welfare)

Step 3: In “Address of Complaint” copy and paste the following:

In Street address, copy and paste: 8688 Burnet Road – 8668 Burnet Road – 8526 Burnet Road – 8710 Burnet Road – 8739 Burnet Road

In City, enter: Clay

In State, enter: NY

In Zip code, enter: 13041

Step 4: Enter your first and last name and phone number. Your address and email address are not required. 

Step 5: Hit submit! 

Thank you for participating in our code campaign. Save Burnet Road is a group of concerned residents dedicated to protecting a community from eminent domain abuse in Clay, NY. Contact Ellen Hamlett at ehamlett@ij.org to learn more or visit SaveBurnetRoad.org

Want to do more to help? Click here to let your policy makers know you oppose the use of eminent domain by sending them a prewritten letter.