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Save Burnet Road is a group of concerned residents dedicated to protecting a community from eminent domain abuse in Clay, NY.  

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Why are Burnet Road homes in danger?

Since the 1990s, the Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency (OCIDA) has been purchasing land to create the “White Pine Commerce Park.” Despite millions of dollars spent increasing the size of the site, OCIDA has failed for decades to attract a single tenant to the area, so the site sits vacant and undeveloped. In 2020, Onondaga County made a renewed push to expand the size of the park. Unfortunately, this planned expansion includes the privately owned homes of Burnet Road, many of which are not for sale. The county is pressuring the residents of Burnet Road to sign purchase options, intimidating the owners with the threat of eminent domain if they do not sell.  

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  • Joined by the Institute for Justice, residents and supporters of the Burnet Road neighborhood in Clay, NY announces the formation of a new group, the Save Burnet Road Coalition. The group launches a Facebook group, Clay Homes Preservation Coalition, and creates a petition against the expansion of the site.  


  • December 2020: OCIDA sends out purchase offers to all homeowners on Burnet Road with extensive confidentiality clauses.  
  • December 2020: The Onondaga County Industrial Development Agency determines that the proposed White Pine Commerce Park Expansion may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and that a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared as a result.  
  • October 2020: Burnet Roadd residents request a meeting in the town of Clay to discuss OCIDA’s pressuring of owners to sell their homes.   
  • September 2020: the County acquires more land on Burnet Road, adding 198 acres to the existing 445 acres it already owns.   


  • The county acquires more land on State Route 31 and Burnet Road, bringing the park site up to 445 acres.   

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